Jai Mata Ki


Abs Ashtanga Yoga

The yoga system, which is a lifestyle !

'Abs Yoga Teacher Training Course' yoga class by Sunil Dahiya

Complete yoga for day & night ! It covers all the segments of your life through eight folds of yoga, be it therapy, health or fitness, intellectual or creative growth/progress , optimism or confidence building, sleep or rest issues, rejuvenating or anti-aging techniques, relaxation & entertainment, spirituality and connection with God.

ABS Ashtanga Yoga provides a wide variety of asanas. It is free from bondage of rules of sequence and everyday there is something new in class. The teachings are not limited to class only, a practitioner is given a homework everyday to continue the practice at home, office and on road or in sky, wherever you go.

A typical ABS Ashtanga yoga class begins with questions & discussions leading to strong workout of asanas, pranayam (classical 8), mudra (8 wonders), meditation (8 steps) and ends with assigning homework to everyone.

"If you really want to understand it, Practice and feel your+self !"
-Sunil Dahiya

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